Thursday, December 15, 2011

“Away in a manger... Man Cave Gift Ideas

All I Want for Christmas...
Holiday Gift Guides, ideas and flyers have been floating around for weeks and nothing has really caught our eye, or stomachs, except for one notable exception. 

The Canadian Tire flyer from the end of November featured truly tasteful items like Tabletop Neon Man Cave & Hot Rod signs for $29.99. Nothing says Man Cave like a neon sign. If you are the more subtle type you might opt for the Man Cave steel signs, a Canadian Tire exclusive, that start at $9.99. Just remember as the sign says, “If it happens in the garage it stays in the garage.” We think this must be the reason that we cannot come up with the exact word for Man Cave dweller. We also like the retro coolers.

The vintage Canadian Tire Oil Can Bank is pure Warholian genius but the real show shopper is the gas powered blender that features motorcycle handlebars, with throttle and a variable speed 33cc engine for a truly vroom vroom blending experience.

If these suggestions are not quite what you might be looking for we also suggest a cook book, gift certificate or cooking class from our favorite bookstore Appetite for Books.
Taking someone out to dinner is also and always a nice treat so what are you waiting for? Get out there and eat, eat, eat, drink, it is the holidays after all.

Bad Ass Blending machine