Monday, January 24, 2011

Girl Talk: Sex With A “Top Chef”

Girl Talk: Sex With A “Top Chef”

Even more Top Chef news. Rachel Kramer Bussel plays kiss and tell but does not name names.

According to Bussel, a sex writer that makes cupcakes:
"I still couldn’t quite believe he was so blasé about having his assistant right there. Were they together? Was he trying to engineer a threesome?… It was so surreal, we could’ve been on a sitcom…
“Just pretend I’m a fly on the wall,” the assistant piped up. I felt like I was in a movie. Who says that? “She’s freaky. She doesn’t mind,” he said as he tried to get me to take my clothes off.
Really? So this guy seemed normal and then suddenly got freaky on your cupcake? Really? Or perhaps another book is in the works?

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