Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ongoing Discussions About Food Icons… The Bacon Cheeseburger

From the archives: 
Zut alors! Ils sont fous ces mecs.
Le Burger Brasserie a.k.a 
Le Debacle Burger 
de Las Vegas (Sept. 2009)
One of the worst eating experiences ever. In thinking about how to describe this experience the word stereotype comes to mind. If the Paris Casino is supposed to recreate a visit to the city of lights then perhaps this was achieved in some sort of twisted logic.
The stereotype, American tourists are ripped off by snooty waiters in France serving bad food disguised as fine dining. If this is true then we truly had  a truly Parisian experience, as the restaurant boasts, "a French interpretation of an American classic." In other words serve a crappy American food icon under the guise that it is a gourmet French experience. Putting the word "Le" in front of your food does not make it better or French. It is just the same old crappy food found at bad stadium food concessions. Do not make the claim that your are something you are not. This is what was so disappointing.
The next stereotype, jocks will eat anything provided they can watch simultaneous sporting events and that the portions are huge. Why are we bringing this up? Le Burger Brasserie is a sports bar masquerading as something else at least judging by the food and the customers wearing football jerseys. Are there any sports bars with good food? True, the place calls itself a "sport grille" but our complaint is that they use words like "gourmet" in the descriptions of their food.
Crime scene: le fromage horrible
We started with the cheese sticks or rather the "Fromage Frites."  Deep fried breaded cheese is a pub classic that is simple provided you have cheese, bread crumbs and a deep fryer. This dish was so bad it made us laugh. Imagine one of those plastic orange cheese slices rolled up and deep fried. The pepperjack and mozzarella were also just plain bad showcasing cheap ingredients and better living through chemicals. This cuisine also applied to the burgers but what they lacked in quality and taste they certainly made up for in size. The burgers were so large they were unmanageable and you are supposed to fit this in your mouth? The names of the burgers were ordered are not important because they were just bad. Poor ingredients and bad taste.
Le Paris: Brie, caramelized onion, smoked bacon
At least afterwards we were able to get one of those drinks (almost to scale) shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Trust me we needed it to forget this horrible experience. 
Le Cocktail French Fantasy Martini: "A marriage of Absolut Vodka, DeKuyper Watermelon Liqueur and a whisper of fresh sour mix, topped with a splash of Sierra Mist and graced with a tropical orchid" 
Le site web: Le Burger Brasserie et le menu

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