Monday, January 31, 2011

Try This Recipe At Home: Grandma’s Chicken Curry

Besides Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza we also tried this recipe over the weekend and the result was excellent.

Grandma's chicken offers an original curry flavor because of the poppy seeds that add a unique taste. The coconut  is very aromatic and almost smells like roses. The chicken skin is very delicious. The dish comes from the Andhra region of India and there are several variations around the internet but these videos are fun to watch.

You can find a written copy of the recipe here.
Tips: For the poppy seed and coconut paste we noticed that white seeds were used in the video. We could not find these so we used the black ones instead. We warmed up the coconut powder in the pan and then added the black poppy seeds at the final moment just before blending. 

How to make poppy seed and coconut paste:

And the garlic and ginger paste:

You can find bottles of pre-made ginger garlic paste and this is what we used in our chicken. We also used 4 chicken breasts, bone in, instead of a whole chicken. For the open flame on the bird we used a blow torch, a small kitchen model for making crème brulée . It was a bit time consuming but did the job.

Chicken with turmeric à la blow torch

As a side we made a quick Gobi (cauliflower) courtesy of Madhur Jaffrey.

Good gobi Miss Jaffrey

If you like basmati rice with your curry we recommend Tilda

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