Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Burger in America? The Umami Burger

From Alan Richman, GQ Magazine, according to Richman the Best Burger in America is Adam Fleischman's Umami burger. The burger looks like it is on the right track because it does not use too many condiments, usually a camouflage for cheap meat.

Link to Richman piece here.

Umami Burger website

This burger seems to be everywhere in the news because the Christian Science Monitor is also on the story.

Heston Blumenthal discusses umami with his pizza sauce recipe so we wonder if there are any similarities to Fleischman's ketchup - "Hello marketing? Product idea and name... Fleischman's Umami Ketchup."

Both Chefs use oven roasted tomatoes and Blumenthal's sauce is amazing so there is only one way to find out, off to the kitchen for some experimentation. Results and pics to come soon...

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