Monday, February 7, 2011

The Delissio Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Comes Full Circle

This blog has looked at a lot of bacon cheeseburgers so when we heard that Delissio was making a bacon cheeseburger pizza we thought that it was only fitting to review this product in celebration of Super Bowl weekend.


The word product is exactly what this is, true it is food that can be consumed, but judging from the taste the edible part was really an afterthought. Think about it, the Delissio pizza has its own catch phrase, “it’s not delivery, it’s Delissio.” As the ads often emphasize, Delissio does something amazing because it is a rising crust pizza. If you think about it dough that rises is not exactly a novelty when making bread. Remember making volcanos at home with baking soda and vinegar? The Delissio pizza uses a similar process, as revealed in the ingredient list, with the use of sodium bicarbonate. When heated this substance creates carbon dioxide, the same as yeast, and causes dough to rise. I am not sure but judging with how I felt magic this process seems to continue as the Delissio crust sits in your stomach. Remember the volcano?
When you look at the ads for the Delissio bacon cheeseburger pizza you notice that it uses targeted marketing, because men love these two items.

The Delissio website welcomes you with more focused marketing and “a meal your family will love you for.” Even more demographics are covered as we also find Girls night in. Crispy flatbread pizza. Worthy of your best girls. The artwork is carefully chosen to look like Sex in the City complete with mirror disco ball crowning the “i” in “girls.” When you click on the picture of the two kitchen divas you are taken to the Girls Night In Facebook page where over 10,000 people sign their seal of approval by “liking this.” In-terms of the other ingredients used in the Dellissio formula we will get into it with the tasting.

The Verdict: 

When finished the pizza looks like something that you might get from Dominos. The sauce tastes like ketchup and the overwhelming flavor is the famous rising crust that is very puffy, salty and extremely dry. The bottom part of the crust seems crumbly almost like a graham cracker crust or even tea biscuits. The more we eat and review mass produced food the more we realize that the product overwhelms the actual flavors. In this case the whole bacon cheeseburger thing is lost. Yes, your mind sees pizza because it is round, with something that resembles tomato sauce and cheese. Do you think bacon or cheeseburger? No, this is just an illusion and these elements are only part of the marketing. There is bacon, I even tasted a piece in one bite but one bite only. The hamburger meat consists of tiny meatballs that offer more illusion of food and only offer a rubbery texture. 


Melt cheese on some nice bread in your toaster oven. Be daring, after melting the cheese add chopped or sliced tomato. Top with some prosciutto and finish the whole thing off with arugula . It might not be delivery but drop down on your knees and thank the stars that it is not Delissio. The makers of Delissio have taken two food items and put them together for the sake of marketing. We thought it was funny that when looking at the Delissio ads on YouTube we were then directed to Epic Meal Time that is yet another example of combining ingredients just for the sake of grabbing people’s attention. Judging by the results it seems to be working.

Would you like the Delissio...
...or our homemade recommendation?

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  1. delissio, yours look like something you pick up from the ground after mowing the lawn.