Friday, February 11, 2011

Nobody here but us superbugs: Julia Child and Jacques Pépin weigh in on the debate

Big scandal, supermarket chickens contain superbugs.

From the CBC:
"While thorough cooking kills bacteria — including superbugs — most contamination happens before the chicken is cooked through improper handling. If there's contamination by superbugs, the worry is that consumers could ingest illness-causing bugs that are then resistant to much of the available spectrum of traditional antibiotic therapy."
In reading this article this fun television history moment comes to mind. Julia and Jacques get a bit testy with each other over whether you need to wash your chicken before putting it in the oven. You need to cue the video just past the the one minute mark.

Pépin makes a rather astute scientific observation, that if you are going to put a chicken in an oven, 400 - 425 degrees, for one hour then "if the bacteria are still living they deserve to live." Those would be superbugs indeed.

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