Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ongoing discussions about food icons: The Bacon Cheeseburger: La Paryse review

La Paryse

La Paryse est un petit paradis. This burger joint finished third in the Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal burger category and their spot is definitely deserved. Strategically located across the street from CEGEP du Vieux-Montreal it looks like something out of Art School Confidential or typical Plateau apartment. You might know the place, funny-looking paint job, paintings, photography, “where Suzanne takes you down...” From the outside you could miss the place as not being an establishment that serves food. 
When you walk in you notice the crowded quarters, featuring front and back rooms, the feeling is like being in someone’s home. We love restaurants that feel like your are walking into the front of someone’s house so we were immediately transfixed. The art on the walls, music, paper place mats with retro kitchen gadgets were all cool without even trying, just imagine an arty diner. 

Paper place mat
Bienvenue chez nous
The menu is basic and demonstrates focus. What works is the little differences, you can order a glass of wine with your burger, not just any wine but a private import. Impressive when the menu boils down to burgers, fries, club sandwiches, salads, poutines and desserts. The service is casual, to the point of disinterest but this is meant to be a place to hang out. 

Perfection a La Paryse

Kaiser type bun and not too big or thick. Bacon, white uncooked mushrooms (cut razor thin), lettuce, onions (slightly grilled), mozzarella, pickle, strong mustard and mayo. The burger will set you back about $7.50.

Simple and fresh is best
The Verdict: 

This is definitely one of the best burgers in town. The reason for their success can be once-again traced to the little things that make a big difference. This burger has had more contact with humans than most burgers. The homemade approach means quality and a great burger. The meat is not perfect in shape. The Kaiser type roll is not toasted but they get away with it because it is fresh. Most burger houses treat their bread as an after thought but their bunny goodness is enhanced because it tasted buttered. Simple secret ingredient? How many places use butter on their burgers? The food is treated with respect and you can taste this pride in the food. The bacon tasted like real bacon with crispy and chewy bites. The condiments are simple but the use of strong mustard, uncooked mushrooms and what tasted like butter shows careful thought. These elements might be a bit unconventional to some but this is why their burgers are good. 

Salutations cordiales

This is a great burger experience that will satisfy any burger craving. La Paryse deserves its spot at the top as one of the best burgers in town. Not typical or conventional in approach to being a burger joint but this is what makes it good. Our server boasted that little has changed since their opening in 1980, “same owner, same location and pretty much same decor.”  La Paryse seems to be taking the right steps, student hang-out, local patrons, and tourists are all in the making of a legend or at least destination burger palace.

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