Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Behind the Scenes: Top Chef Canada episode 1

Newfoundland Cheftestant Todd Perrin has a new post about episode 1 of Top Chef Canada.

You can read Chef Perrin's blog here.

Since we are on the topic, Chef Perrin deserves major props for serving seal flipper to the judges. First,  Perrin honestly chose an ingredient that spoke from his heart and soul and represented who he was. A few of the dishes felt like they were chosen because the Chefs thought they would be winners and inventing reasons why the dish represented them. Second, the dish seemed to blow the judges minds because none of them had ever tasted seal flipper before. We look forward to seeing more of Perrin's creations from the Rock and are waiting for him to break out a bottle of Screech in the stew room after a particularly rough challenge.

Here is the preview for Episode 2: The Great Canadian Cheese Challenge

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