Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chef Crumb Y’er Done: Top Chef Canada Ep 9

Stanley Cup playoffs, ‘Nucks lose and Chef Darryl Crumb gets sent to the showers on Top Chef Canada. Coincidence, conspiracy theory or good old hockey superstition? You be the judge.
Have you ever noticed that sports writers love to use clichés. The only thing better for a sports scribe is an athlete’s swan song piece. Nothing could be more fitting for Chef and former pro hockey player Darryl Crumb who was defeated on Top Chef Canada at the same time as the Vancouver Canucks but that's the way the cookie crumbles. 
We know that we are Top Chef Canada hoser-superfans but can we just make a minor correction to the National Post’s exit interview with Chef Crumb that contained some major mistakes. The regular exit interview feature (the National Post is owned by the show’s Producers Shaw Media) says that Darryl Crumb is at the “Regional Tasting Lounge in Winnipeg.” Yes, Chef Crumb was at the Regional Tasting Lounge in Vancouver British Columbia when he made his audition tape last summer. He has since returned to his home and native land, Winnipeg, and helped open a new restaurant called Brooklynn’s Bistro. Please National Post give the Chef the recognition he deserves after making it this far in the competition. We are sure this post will be corrected but it did appear online for a day.

Top Chef Canada might be known as TCC but with Chef Crumb we are talking about true Canadian Class. Our biggest complaint about Top Chef Canada so far has been the lack of Canadiana content. There has not really not been enough true Canadian spirit and cooking on the show. In-terms of choosing Chef Crumb for the show we have no complaints. Crumb is the first television Chef to combine hockey and television combined with true hoser style (ed. note hoser is a term of endearment). If you have never experienced Winnipeg hospitality then you have seen it personified with Darryl Crumb. We were unhappy with the lack of Montreal Chefs in the campaign but Derek Bocking was a great choice in personification of a Montreal Chef. We have never visited Newfoundland but this seemed to be what Todd Perrin was all about. We think the same can be said about Darryl Crumb. Great casting but not enough Canada in the challenges and show's outlook.
Food and hockey, this is a Canadian love story that has been waiting to happen. Crumb started the series by combining these elements. When engaged in a conflict with fellow competitor Jamie Hertz, Chef Crumb’s confession room statement was, "I wanted to turn around and jersey him and start feeding him right hands." Later, Crumb was accidentally sent the wrong Chef's jacket and refused to touch the garment because it had belonged to ousted competitor Clayton Beadle. Crumb’s explanation was that he did not want touch a dead man's shirt and this goes back to his hockey days. Hockey players are notoriously superstitious in their daily routines especially on game day. During Monday's blogging session Todd Perrin observed that Crumb was sleeping in his bed. We guess the puck stopped here because Crumb broke his routine and was voted off the show.
This week for the first time,Connie DeSousa ended up in the bottom and displayed some signs of being human. We are not referring to her displays of passion but just the mere fact she is finally in the bottom. Chef DeSousa has been the most consistent competitor this season. In case you have not noticed Dale MacKay gets really pissed off when he is criticized and in the bottom during the challenges (watch this week's Quick Fire Challenge). MacKay and DeSousa are extremely competitive and passionate Chefs. DeSousa’s emotional display is not unlike Dale's extreme brooding. The Chefs are in an intense environment, as the competition narrows there is only more pressure so emotions are bound to run high.
Even though the teaser trailer for next week shows DeSousa buying pre-made pie crust a Top Chef no-no we are still going to stick with our call that she will be in the series final with MacKay. The only surprise might come from François Gagnon who despite his extreme nice laid back facade, a bit like Dustin Gallagher, has been pushing out some fierce looking food.

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