Saturday, February 4, 2012

Closing Soon: A Restaurant Near You?

We have noticed a few local restaurant closings in the past few weeks. Restaurant closings are nothing new but one is really worth mentioning because it was a bit of a landmark or institution on the Montreal scene, Le Caveau (President Kennedy near University Street). Amongst some other notable movers and shakers we often spotted former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney heading in and out of the French eatery. 
The original owner of Le Caveau retired a few years ago and the business was taken over by an individual that could not bear the thought of his favorite restaurant closing. We know the new owners invested significantly into rebuilding the kitchen and added a terrace. When the original owners retired the building was purchased by the adjoining McCord Museum. At the time of the purchase the McCord was considering using the space for an expansion project but the plan that never materialized. Rumor has it that the museum has no plans for the building and that the nearly new restaurant equipment is up for sale.
La Montée de Lait
With the closing of La Montée de Lait this summer a rather touching sign appeared in their window. Perhaps less poetic than a personalized sign in your window is the appearance of legal documents. We assume the recent appearance of these documents in the window means that Plaisirs Coupables (Peel Street) has closed. Jean-François Plante was behind the defunct Plaisirs Coupables. Plante, is also Chef/owner of L’Aromate, that used to be at the same location, before moving to its new digs in the new building that was built on the site of Bens Delicatessen - karmic justice? 
We eagerly awaited the opening of Plaisirs Gourmands because they placed drool-worthy food-porn pics of poutine and burgers in their window before opening. Unfortunately, the pornographic experience and promise of a great meal ended after our first dining experience at the restaurant. To sum it up we found the food to be really overpriced in comparison to how lackluster our meal was. The service was also really bad and frankly we do not blame the staff considering the choice of uniform for the female employees - mini skirts and low cut shirts. We do not want to be accused of ageism but considering the age of some of the waitresses the mini skirts were just a bad idea. The image of cellulite is less than appetizing in a place that boasts itself as serving sinfully decadent food. Perhaps the message is just let it all hang out.
Guilty: Closed for Business
Walking by the window of Plaisirs Gourmands we often got a chuckle with the cover of Jean-François Plante’s book that was proudly on display. The image consisted of Plante, burger in hand and pointing at the camera in the style of Guy Fieri. The amusing part, besides the fact that Plante seems to know a photographer with a camera that just like his food, makes him look way sexier in person, is the glass of wine placed strategically between Plante’s legs or rather crotch. All we could think was mmmmm, crotch wine. Who knows perhaps the placement of your wine next to your crotch adds flavor or keeps it a perfect temperature.
We noticed last week, and it was till in the window a few days ago, that Wellhouse (Sherbrooke Street and Victoria) is displaying a sign in the door saying they will reopen on January 15. We guess this is not a good sign for any fans of the eatery. We ate at Wellhouse once and all we can say is that there is another kind of house (clue: it starts with the letter ‘S’) that might be more appropriate as a moniker. This is perhaps a bit harsh but all we remember is a medium steak that was raw in the middle. After a few more attempts by the kitchen the exterior of the meat just kept getting more charred with a taste like lighter fluid.

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