Monday, April 16, 2012

Top Chef Canada Season 2: episode 5: Chef Aubie is going Surfin' in Tofino

Joel Aubie was sent to pack his knives. Given that Chef has been in the bottom of the elimination challenges a few times, 3 in 5 episodes, it is no surprise that the surfin' Chef from Tofino was sent home. In watching the Chef packing his knives we could not stop thinking about this song, Chef Aubie, this one is dedicated to you...

Jimmy Stewart might want to forget the foam. The Chef had a funny moment when his foam, inspired by the moon landing rocket launch, failed to launch. This is the second time in the series that the Chef has made foam. His bread foam in episode 1 did not impress the judges and this time... Houston we have a problem. The presentation looked like the end of a can of shaving cream with flat liquid leaking out of the canister. Judge Mark McEwan seemed to be having fun with the scenario, calling the Chef t"space ranger Jimmy" and such phrases as "foam failure," and telling the Chef to "leave the foam home." In describing the situation McEwan told the Chef that he looked like "a faltering space ranger out there."
The quick fire challenge challenged the guests to make snack food with Tostitos chips. The Chefs did some rather elaborate, or was it complicated, dishes but simplicity won out with Chef Xavier Lacaze coating the chip with caramel. Caramel and corn is a winning combination, the saltiness of the chips would also add to the formula, that seemed to elude the other Chefs in this challenge.
As suspected, Chef Rivasplata is being portrayed as the villain in the kitchen. We expect more of this in the next episode because stress levels and tension runs high when it is restaurant wars. Remember last season when Dale freaked out because he was worried his soufflé would fall? Dale's freak out was dismissed as what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen but we wonder if this will be the case if Rivasplata has a similar melt down. The Chefs have some added pressure because the guest judge is Susur Lee who they will no doubt be trying to impress.

Cheftestants: This is how you do it

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