Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ongoing Discussions About Food Icons: The Bacon Cheeseburger A&W review

The A&W menu has several burgers that fall under the bacon cheese burger category because these ingredients seem to be commonplace on their menu.  According to their website there is a cheddar bacon uncle burger but I did not see this item on the menu. I settled on the Mozza burger because it had bacon and cheese and was sadly disappointed with this experience. 
The burger, at just under $4.90, is almost three times the cost of a McDonald’s bacon cheese burger and from what I can tell this price hike is to cover the cost of a tomato slice, some iceberg lettuce and a slightly puffier bun that has sesame seeds. 

The Burger is simple, bun with sesame seeds, meat patty, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mozarella cheese, and some burger sauce. According to the website this is their patented Mozza sauce. 
The Verdict: 

Looking at the ingredients on this burger I am starting to realize that most fast food chains seem to follow the same formula with their ingredients. In-fact, I think they are using the same ingredients because meat, bacon and bun on the whole look like they come from the same factory. The only real difference with the fast food burger chains seems to be the use and arrangement of their condiments. The bacon, was just like that at Burger King, so thin that it is just an illusion with no taste. The golden arches deserve some credit because their bacon has some bite and is not transparent. The Mozza burger bun also looked like the one at Burger King bun so its only distinguishing feature was the sauce.  
The key element or ingredient with this burger is the Mozza sauce because that is the only flavor that you are going to taste. The sauce, that looks surprisingly like Big Mac sauce, was a pinkish orange color with little green specks. I am going to guess this secret concoction is a combination of ketchup, mayo and relish just because these condiments, along with mustard, are missing on this burger. The sauce is rather heavy handedly placed on both buns and overwhelms the burger with it’s sweet taste. The bacon was transparent so how can it offset the sugary sweet sauce? A watery slice of tomato? Iceberg lettuce? Are you serious?

Stay away from the Mozza burger. The only flavor is the Mozza sauce that is so sweet it is like sweetened condensed milk on a slice of bread. There was just too much of the sweet stuff without any other flavors so how can there be any balance? If you do eat a Mozza burger we recommend a warm cup of tea just afterwards because you will need to take something in order to settle your stomach.  A&W, U get, F-.


  1. It's thousand island dressing more or less. Which I think is a better then your descrition of "secret concoction is a combination of ketchup, mayo and relish" Which is isn't.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. I tend to stay away from thousand Island dressing because the color scares me so it did not cross my mind. - Jazz