Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday Heartbreak: Top Chef Canada Episode 4

No, we are not talking about Monday’s election results but the fact that the Bock got the chop on episode 4 of Top Chef Canada. Derek Bocking was Montreal's only Top Chef Canada competitor so we are really disappointed that he lost on Monday’s elimination challenge. 
Blood, Bones & Butter: Gabrielle Hamilton
Chef Bocking was spotted Monday evening, prior-to the airing of Top Chef Canada, at Appetite For Books for a book signing by Chef Gabrielle Hamilton author-of, Blood, Bones & Butter. The event featured bites based on the book’s title. The highlight, besides Chef Hamilton, was a chocolate ganache made with blood and prepared by DNA's Derek DammannNothing bloody about this dessert, very moist, rich chocolate flavour and not-overly sweet. The other dishes, prepared by Chef Jonathan of Appetite for Books, were tea biscuits (butter) and get ready for some obvious foreshadowing pork-ribs (bones). 
Pudding: Blood Brownies
Taking a moment with Chef Bocking at the event he pointed out that he had made ribs for the upcoming episode of Top Chef Canada. Bocking also mentioned that it was really difficult making this dish in the Top Chef Kitchen because of the time constraints (2 hours). During the episode the Chef is quoted in the kitchen as saying, “I’m scrambling,” and when the whistle blew, “at least I got food on the plate.” Bocking’s dish was a spicy roasted corn salsa with pork ribs braised in beer (we wonder if he used Bock beer) and chillies with smoky chocolate B.B.Q. glaze. 
Chef Bocking: Appetite for ribs
Unfortunately for Bocking, the judges could tell he was pressed for time in the execution of his dish. In front of the judges, Bocking admitted his dish was under-seasoned and rushed. The judges pointed out that the meat should have been “succulent” and falling off the bone. As Chef Bocking live blogged at the end of the episode, “One mistake is all it takes on Top Chef!” 
In his exit interview Bocking said, “watch out, you only got to see a little bit of what I have to offer.” If you would like to know more Chef Bocking has a blog with amazing looking recipes. The food photography in his blog are textbook. He is also Sous Chef at Beaver Hall - Le Bistro Gourmand. Take note that the Restaurant's Executive Chef is Jerome Ferrer of Europea fame.
We guess that we are now going to cheer for Newfoundlander Todd Perrin who along with Connie de Sousa are emerging as the major forces to be reckoned with in the Top Chef Kitchen. Did anybody notice that during the shopping portion of the elimination challenge all of the Chefs ran around like chickens with their heads cut off? Chef De Sousa however displayed cool, calmness and a scholar like approach. 

Next week on Top Chef: Quickfire advantage, De Sousa, she butchers her own meat

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