Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend au Plateau

A few trips to the Plateau this weekend. Of course we took in some of the local attractions.

A Taste of Russia
We were intrigued with the label for the black bread used in our Top Chef Canada zakuski platter. Mainly because the bread was so delicious. We decided to investigate further and paid a visit to Patisserie Vova located at 5225 avenue du Parc. Inside we found a beautiful selection of Russian breads. We chose a loaf made with molasses and coriander. The bread was still warm from the oven so we tore off a piece to sample as soon as we exited the store. The cracked coriander on top of the loaf added extra crunch to the crust.

Aussie Pies: Oh My!
We also picked up some Australian meat pies at TA - Tourtière Australienne.  After eating these pies we have come to the conclusion that anything tastes better when it is wrapped in pastry dough even butter chicken or lamb roganjosh.

Tasty afternoon snacks at Brasserie Rachel Rachel 

Calamars with arugula
Melt in Your Mouth: Pulled Pork Sandwich

This is not a sign

Do not stop following your rabbit bloggers

Opening soon: Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Shack

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