Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week in review: Dragons, Salt of the Earth & Richard Blais

Interesting week, not because we survived Easter unscathed but rather for food articles. The L.A. Times launched a monthly master class series. The inaugural article is written by none other than Thomas Keller. The article (link to full piece) deals with seasoning and the effects of salt and brining on food. Interestingly the article says:
"If you'd like to understand more about the chemistry behind these interactions [salt, food and curing], you cannot do better than my friend Harold McGee's incomparable reference On Food and Cooking." 
Coincidentally Harold McGee's first column of 2011 appeared in the New York Times this week. The title, "In salts, a Pinch of Bali or a dash of Spain." Keller's article also includes an audio slideshow on the making of Meyer lemon-cured fillet of salmon. 

We also enjoyed reading, again in the New York Times, an article about a cooking demonstration with Top Chef All Star winner Richard Blais. In addition to Chef Blais and his regular antics with liquid nitrogen the demo featured Skyy vodka's new flavor, dragon fruit. According to the article and Business Week, dragon fruit is the new pomegranate so be on the lookout for a barrage of dragon flavoured infused products. Read the full article here., reported that dragon fruit is not the only new trend in flavoured vodkas. Remember cupcakes? Cupcake Vodka is now available in four delicious flavours: Original, Chiffon (lemon citrus), Frosting (vanilla) and Devil's Food (chocolate). Chocolatinis anybody? 

Monday is Top Chef Canada Day. From the preview for it looks like the episode takes inspiration from the U.S series. season 7 (Washington, D.C.), episode 8,  "Foreign Affairs." The Chefs draw knives and get assigned a specific country and it's regional cuisine. In the U.S. episode the countries were Mexico, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Thailand, China, Japan and India. We also know from the Canadian trailer that Ethiopia is one of the countries because Newfoundland's Todd Perrin gets this country - hilarity ensues. In the American episode Ethiopia was featured but in the Quickfire challenge. There are still 12 challengers left in Top Chef Canada and we have only listed 10 countries so we wonder if the United States will be one of the other countries. Since the Canadian series seems to be following the U.S. model we are hoping for one of our favorite challenges to make an appearance around episode 9 or 10. We are of course talking about Restaurant Wars! The Chefs are broken into teams with the task of creating a restaurant and menu from scratch.

Have a great week.

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