Friday, March 25, 2011

Week in review: Montreal fares well and @ The Shorty awards

The Bitchin-Kitchen-Vixon versus the Lardo-Retardos
It has been a great week for Montreal food personalities. Chuck Hughes won on Iron Chef, Costas Piliadis', Las Vegas version of Milos is being called one of the best restos in Sin City,  Nadia G, of Bitchin-Kitchen fame and the Epic Meal Time crew have both been nominated for Shorty awards in the food category. The Shorty awards honour the best in Twitter and social media.
When we first started our blog we expressed our opinion about Epic Meal Time and their Jackass behavior but we have never written about Lovely Lady Miss G and since both are facing off at the Shorty awards allow us this moment to say why we are part of the Bitchin-Kitchen army.
First, she is is a social media maven, and inspiration to budders, who is active on all fronts with her website, Twitter and Facebook. If you are not a follower do yourself a favor because there is constant entertainment and content. Second, she is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Rockabilly Godesss that could kick Amy Winehouse’s ass in a street fight and still cook you pasta. Third, watching the sexy Kitchen Vixen makes us hungry, very hungry. If Elvis is still alive no doubt he watches and is very obsessed with our Miss G.
In case you need further convincing who would you rather have cook you dinner in your kitchen? The Epic Meal Time crew, who by the way look like West Island dudes still living at home with their parents, or the sexy Miss G? Better yet who do you want to eat dinner with? Nadia G, we love thee. Ciao Bella.

Vote for Nadia G here

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